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FTP access

FTP is used to transfer files between your computer and our servers. You will need an FTP client. We suggest Filezilla, it is free and available for download here: https://filezilla-project.org/download.php

Host: The address or IP you use to access the minecraft server
Username: See steps below
Password: Password you use to login to the minecraft panel
Port: 21

How to obtain the username and activate FTP:

  1. In the panel navigate to the server config page
  2. On the left menu click 'advanced' then 'users'
  3. In the middle drop down box select 'full access' and directly to the right take note of the username (username.1)

If you are installing plugins:
Make sure 'bukkit' is selected in the JAR drop down box on the server config page and restart the server to create the plugins folder.
Restart the server after uploading the plugin JAR files into the plugins folder.



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