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Add additional users

You can add additional users to the panel to help manage the server. 
  1. In the panel, click 'users' at the top
  2. On the left, click 'create user'
  3. Fill in the form for the new user and click submit
The global role is the access given to all servers in your account. To assign access for servers individually set the global role to 'no access' and navigate to the server you want to assign the user to.
  1. Click 'advanced' and then 'users' 
  2. Here you can set the role for that server and manage the FTP permissions
Multicraft Roles
  • No Access
  • Guest (Allows them to see the server in their list all they can do is see who's online)
  • User (Allows them to use the Chat interface)
  • Moderator (Allows them to read the console, chat and look at the file manager if they have FTP access)
  • Administrator (Full access)

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