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Installing Plugins

One click install
You can install any plugin automatically from the control panel.
-Login to the control panel
-Click servers at the top
-Click the server you want to install plugins on
-In the menu on the left, click 'files' then 'bukkit plugins'
-Search for the plugin you want to install, then click 'install'

Installing plugins manually 
You can install plugins manually using an FTP client or by using the built in FTP file manager in the Minecraft panel. You can find your primary FTP login codes in the welcome email that was sent with your server details.

If you would like to use an FTP client see the guide here: http://mossycobble.com/clients/knowledgebase/1/FTP-access.html

First you will need to activate the FTP:

  1. In the panel navigate to the server config page
  2. Make sure 'bukkit' is selected in the JAR drop down box and restart the server
  3. On the left menu click 'advanced' then 'users'
  4. In the middle drop down box select 'full access' 
You are now ready to use the FTP and install plugins. You can use an FTP client or to install plugins using the FTP file manager built into the Minecraft panel follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the server config page and click 'files' then 'FTP file access' and connect with your password.
  2. Navigate into the plugins directory
  3. On the left menu click upload
  4. Under 'files to upload' click 'choose file'
  5. Choose the JAR file for the plugin you want to install
  6. Click submit
  7. Restart the server

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